Thursday, 27 February 2014

Episode 42: Rebootcops

Did they have to? Well, they did! And it's up to the guys to worry about it all. We are of course talking about the much loved and dismissed Reboot of Robocop. Ian and Leo, having freshly consumed the NEW Robocop, sit down to digest and regurgitate it all, then flannels in hand they try picking over the fetid mess looking for where this meal went wrong.

Really it's hard not to declare "Even trying" and calling it a day but Leo is determined to find the film's silver penny and shining it up for us to think about. Then as if by magic Justin appeared and the discussions moved on to the whole issue of reboots and why they're just bad, except when they're not.

Leo has an epiphany about taking things too seriously, Ian wishes they'd called it "Drone Policeman" instead and Justin is shocked and dismayed we've got to do this all again next year with "The Terminator".

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