Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Episode 38: 1989 - Greg Evigan Vs Batman Vs Slipstream Vs Justin's Sanity Vs Shatner Vs God

This week our trio (+ wife) tackle the films of 1989. They brave serious threat to life and limb by gushing over James Cameron once again, fortunately this director has surely peaked with the 'Abyss' and so we confidently predict we won't have to prattle on endlessly about him in the 90s.

Oh wait…

Meanwhile Timothy Dalton seeks an unregulated killing in his final Bond film and Justin's head explodes with the inanity of 'Slipstream'. DC's 'Batman' spreads his dark rubbery wings and begins his cinematic crusade for justice while Marvel's 'Punisher' goes full Dolph Lundgren.

Sue again recalls fondly 89s timey wimey air disaster romance puzzle 'Millennium' while Ian sighs “BOHICA” as he tries to enjoy 'Star Trek V.' Leo then takes us on a whistle stop tour of 89's action movies before formally identifying the mutilated corpse of 'Erik the Viking'. These are the last films of the 80s and this is our survivor’s tale.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Episode 37: When Leo Met Ian And The Cultural Soup They Swam In Together

No Justin this week, so Leo must face the brave task of rebuilding Ian's shattered psyche alone. The formally Dr Who obsessed 80s kid has been brainwashed and has gone full 'Bronie'. If he cannot be brought back from his confused amnesiac state he will be lost to a magical world of small flying pastel shaded horses forever.

And so a trip down memory lane begins as Leo regresses Ian back to the time they first met in the early 90s while on a Media course. There he further provokes Ian's identity to reassert it self by reminding him what a deeply sad Dr Who fan he was, even back then. But Leo's smugness soon fades when he realises he himself is just a character from Twin Peaks.

Together they swim further in the cultural soup of their lad-hood and the films, TV, books and other media that were so current at the time: X-Files, Terry Pratchett, Quentin Tarantino, Independence Day and Cypress Hill. It's all in the mixer today as our 80s kids remember that time they were 90s bros.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Episode 36: 1988 - Yippie Ki Yay Muddy Funster

This week the terrible trio arrive in the ripening year of 1988 and set upon its films with their usual vigour. It is the year of 'Die Hard' and trust us, we don't forget it. Indeed memories of other action flicks this year do not come easily. Justin and Ian turn their childhoods up to 11 and gush over 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' provoking the largely indifferent Leo to unleash Sue upon them and put an end to their unfounded enjoyment of this movie.

Beetlejuice is revisited and a moment is taken to muse on 'The Naked Gun' which is definitely not as funny as it used to be. Indeed there is a bit of 80s malaise starting into set in with a heavy glut of sequels culled from the decade's earlier successes, but before they can ponder this fully a small cube shaped puzzle box sends everyone to hell. Clawing their way out of the underworld the Revengeful Three note the films tumbling pass them into the void; the 80s lingering Fantasy genre finally expires with 'Willow'. Also vanishing never to be seen again is "Earth Girls are Easy' and 'Young Einstein' with its disturbing menu.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Episode 35: A Podcast Worth A Thousand Words

Although none of those words are spoken by Ian, sadly absent from this week's cast but fondly remembered by Leo and Justin who get down to business talking about films with that particular visual flair. Never ones to steer clear of the clashing rocks of cliche we steer full steam ahead into asking an artist what it is he likes in the cinema generally.

We talk Burton, we talk Gilliam and while we're at it we talk Kubrick, Hitchcock passes through on the way somewhere else. As the visual medium is dissected we necessarily revisit the topic of CGI versus practical and the increasing difficulty of telling them apart.

Finally we visit the new breed of CGI-fest film a la, and specifically, Sin City and 300 which are not designed to mask their CG roots, but rather revel in being a highly stylised visual feast, is this a great thing or a menace?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Episode 34: Year Of The Biscuit - Films 2013/2014 A Look Back And A Look Ahead

Emerging from the flaming wreckage that was 2013 come three striding silhouettes. Two of them somewhat portly. These are the 80s Kids and during the somewhat lengthy inquest that follows the trio reflect on the films of the year just gone.

For all his talk about Iron Man 3 Leo still clutches his Thor 2 hammer most fondly, Ian still clings to his battle worn Jaeger as it sinks below the surface of the top 10 grossing films of the year and Justin wishes he really hadn't listened to all the nay sayers and had actually gone to see “Oz the Great and Powerful" instead of "Star Trek Into Darkness". But with their mourning for 2013 over with the 'Revengeful Three' look ahead to 2014.

Leo ruminates on coming Marvel Films, Justin wonders what's with all the Bible films in the pipe line and Ian lays the foundations for the year of the baked savoury consumed best with tea or coffee. The Year of the Biscuit starts HERE!