Thursday, 26 February 2015

Episode 94: 2005 - The Man For Whom Aeon Flux Was Made

This week the 80s Kids are going to talk about 2005. Here we are, slap bang in the middle of the noughties and if this zero themed decade is about anything I guess it should be happening RIGHT NOW!

Looking over our selection it seems to be a year of torch passing, or at least torch dropping while other more successful flame bearers are getting on those sport shoes with the spiky soles and limbering up for a good run ahead defining the era. Very much in the stumbling camp are the relics of yesteryear greats.

The Star Wars prequels finally reach 'okay' on the watchability spectrum and calling it a day. Hitchickers Guide to the Galaxy finally expires with it's latest incarnation on our cinema screens bring an end to Douglas Adams twenty year ambition to tell exactly the same story over and over in every possible medium.

Spielberg's War of the Worlds stalls badly upon arrival on Earth, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory judders off the Burton production line and ends up in the reject bin and the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe totally fails to enchant itself to a new generation of children.

Meanwhile the superheroes continue their campaign to dominate all cinema with the impressive Batman Begins and the not so impressive Fantastic Four. The stylistically violent nihilistic noir of Sin City and acceptable Keanu Reeves vehicle Constantine.

King Kong lumbers about like he owns the joint and as usual Potter dominates the year. This year also proved conclusively that Firefly fans really are a small tiny minority of an obscure short lived show with the failure of Serenity.

This might garner the film a extra special place in our sentimental hearts, but then Leo pointed out that while Firefly fans are few the total number of people for whom Aeon Flux was made for number only one, and that was him and him alone. Given the duty of geeks is to love the most obscure thing possible in favor of the mainstream we have named this episode in its honor. Incidental Music by

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Episode 93: Soundtracks

So ... how did we come to discuss Soundtracks with the wrong Justin? Well, there is a saying in the Military: 'No plan survives it's first encounter with the enemy'.

The 80s Kids can now add to this wisdom with: "Don't make a recording schedule planning out the next six months worth of shows because it will fall to pieces and collapse into disorder at the first hurdle."

With Mr Wyatt suddenly away doing some artist thing the remaining 80's kids found their carefully laid plans thrown into chaos. In in times of crisis we did what any level headed set of individuals might do. ie: Blame the guy who's not there to defend himself, fire him and hire a new Justin.

And so into our Podcast comes Justin 2.0. Faster, leaner, deadlier and with a complimentary set of cup holders thrown in for free. We then plucked the topic of 'Soundtracks' out of thin air and mouthing off our ill researched thoughts into microphones we recorded this show.

So please, sit back and relax as we welcome Justin Park to the podcast as we ramble on in an incoherent train of thought about the musical bits in Films. They do their best to spice up viewer emotions or at very least give a handy hint about how the film makers would like them to be feeling. Incidental Music by the irreplaceable

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Episode 92: Space - The Final Boxset

This week the 80s Kids are strapping on their rocket packs, putting on their best rock quarry hiking boots and setting their story arcs to stun. Yes, this week we're discussing the long running space operas of the Noughties.

A quick glance at the rows of boxset on my groaning DVD shelves reminds me this will cover such things as the sexy obsessive and strangeness of Farscape, to the overly serious plot rambling Battlestar Galatica reboot. From the dismal inbred mutant that was Enterprise to Roddenberry's illegitimate spawn Andromeda.

From Stargates Atlantis to Universe and back again. Strap in tight as we set nostalgia to lightspeed, it's time to fly out into the great beyond and seek out new opinions and insights as we boldly return to where many a geek as gone before. Incidental music by incompetech.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Episode 91: 2004 - Alien King Arthur of the Dead and the Catwoman of Azkaban Versus Predator Sky Captain Helsing's Spiderford Wives Team America of the Spotless Robot

Delayed by a mere 24 hours episode 91 is finally here!

This week the Decade trotting trio confront the Bombs and Booms of 2004's Film choices! I'm sure I can fill a few sentences with humorous and informative descriptions of what we talked about. But really, doesn't the films of 2004 sum it all up already?

I really feel I'd be repeating myself if I went into any more detail about which films in particular. I mean, google the darn year and you'll see this is the time of Van Helsing, Catwoman, I Robot, King Arthur, The Third Harry Potter Film, Team America, District 13, AvP, The Chronicles of Riddick, Spiderman 2, Hellboy, The Stepford Wives, Bourne Supremacy, Man on Fire, Shaun of the Dead and Blade Trinity to name but a few.

With our rose tinted glasses we predictably rifle our way though this jumble of date collected movies, offering opinions on the fly on the remembered big hitters and the forgotten bombs of this yesteryear ... erm .... year.

If you don't know what the 80s kids are like by now ... well ... you're very much like the other 99.999999999999% of the internet, so why not stand out and give us a listen? Incidental Music by

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Webcast Special 1: The 80s Kids Almost Live!

Panic not 80s Kids enthusiast! For the regularly scheduled programme is not absent, no, merely delayed. But it is Thursday and therefore new 80s Kids is programmed.

So in addition to a regular show this week, and at no extra charge, here is an audio version of a webcast the guys did earlier in the week. It's the dawn of a new age people, you no longer have to picture the kids picking their noses, spilling salsa down themselves or finding interesting things in their ears during a show.

No. Now you can see it as it happens!


After a shaky start the Kids get down to a brief discussion of hiring big name actors to provide voice talent for animated features, and then, like that they are gone.

See, that sentence would have worked so much better if you could have seen me deliver it. There will be further opportunities for live interaction to come but for now enjoy the glory of the things that were. Music (as ever) by