Thursday, 27 February 2014

Episode 42: Rebootcops

Did they have to? Well, they did! And it's up to the guys to worry about it all. We are of course talking about the much loved and dismissed Reboot of Robocop. Ian and Leo, having freshly consumed the NEW Robocop, sit down to digest and regurgitate it all, then flannels in hand they try picking over the fetid mess looking for where this meal went wrong.

Really it's hard not to declare "Even trying" and calling it a day but Leo is determined to find the film's silver penny and shining it up for us to think about. Then as if by magic Justin appeared and the discussions moved on to the whole issue of reboots and why they're just bad, except when they're not.

Leo has an epiphany about taking things too seriously, Ian wishes they'd called it "Drone Policeman" instead and Justin is shocked and dismayed we've got to do this all again next year with "The Terminator".

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Episode 41: Top 5 Films Of The 80s Grand Slam - Part 2

This week our heroic trio finish off recounting their personal top five films from the 1980's! Having vanquished numbers 5, 4 and 3 last week all that remains is to hunker on down and chew through their remaining top two. Of course the joy of it all is they don't know what each other has picked and so it is entirely possible they've all selected exactly the same films making this a somewhat short blunt episode of general agreement and consensus.

Either that or it's going to be a lengthy debate over up to six films with heated words and ruthless disagreement over each others pithy choices. Well, either way here we are. Cometh the hour cometh the Top Five films of the 1980's from the perspectives of Messrs Justin, Ian and Leo.

What will their last two films be? The Second best films of the 80's: Will Justin's choice be so brilliant we can't even look at it? Will Ian's be a short film? Will Leo's have a showdown at the top of a very tall building? And finally the Number one best film of the 80's: Will Justin's choice make us ask profound questions on the human condition? Will Ian's make us ask 'Who's the Daddy?' and lastly will Leo's final choice have a showdown at the top of a very tall building? Let us find out together!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Episode 40: Top 5 Films Of The 80s Grand Slam - Part 1

This week our Trio finally sit down and begin the lengthy process of confessing what their personal top FIVE movies of the 1980s actually are. They don't know what each other has picked, so not only will this be a journey of discovery but suspense too as it is totally possible they picked the same movies and will have to nervously laugh it off.

So, sit back and enjoy the start of the epic ramble as the 80s Kids lay bare their kinks and quirks. What will the verbose meta spinning Leo pick for his Number 5? Will it require a black board with diagrams to explain?

What about the artistically balanced Justin? Will his Number 4 make your head pop open? And of course the Sci Fi obsessive Ian, will his Number 3 make you want to throw yourself out an airlock? Well. Lets find out!

Incidental music “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” by Kevin McLeod of

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Episode 39: Bad Relationship Advice (The Hunger Games Discussion)

This week Leo and Ian sit down to have a pleasant chat about Child Murder as the official sport of the state and how grateful they are the rebellion is over. But first some unpleasant business needs sorting out as Ian issues forth a grovelling apology to George Lucas while Leo crows over Quentin Tarantino's latest woes.

With all that out the way our two heroes dive forth into an epic chin wag over Teenlit's latest sensation to strike a pose at the cinema, “The Hunger Games” series. Much musing is done as to why this grim dystopia where young adults die horribly is such a unique hit while so many other pretenders to “Twilight's” legacy have died off.

Much could be made of the series' love triangle but despite much prodding it doesn't seem to be the answer for our two bemused heroes, so the Wife is called into action in the hopes of finding a resolution and she promptly sets about bombing Teenlit's obsession with bad relationships into the ground, probably forever.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Extra: 1989 - Responding To A Response

This is not an actual episode, you'll be getting one of those in two days as normal. This is a little something else 'EXTRA'. We had a comment upon our 1989 show and felt duty bound to respond with our spoken words and manic hand gestures. As it turns out we rambled on rather too much and this was now way too long to include in our next show. So in an effort to respond sooner rather than later we're putting it out as an extra ahead of the podcast it was intended for. Enjoy.