Thursday, 6 February 2014

Episode 39: Bad Relationship Advice (The Hunger Games Discussion)

This week Leo and Ian sit down to have a pleasant chat about Child Murder as the official sport of the state and how grateful they are the rebellion is over. But first some unpleasant business needs sorting out as Ian issues forth a grovelling apology to George Lucas while Leo crows over Quentin Tarantino's latest woes.

With all that out the way our two heroes dive forth into an epic chin wag over Teenlit's latest sensation to strike a pose at the cinema, “The Hunger Games” series. Much musing is done as to why this grim dystopia where young adults die horribly is such a unique hit while so many other pretenders to “Twilight's” legacy have died off.

Much could be made of the series' love triangle but despite much prodding it doesn't seem to be the answer for our two bemused heroes, so the Wife is called into action in the hopes of finding a resolution and she promptly sets about bombing Teenlit's obsession with bad relationships into the ground, probably forever.

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