Thursday, 13 February 2014

Episode 40: Top 5 Films Of The 80s Grand Slam - Part 1

This week our Trio finally sit down and begin the lengthy process of confessing what their personal top FIVE movies of the 1980s actually are. They don't know what each other has picked, so not only will this be a journey of discovery but suspense too as it is totally possible they picked the same movies and will have to nervously laugh it off.

So, sit back and enjoy the start of the epic ramble as the 80s Kids lay bare their kinks and quirks. What will the verbose meta spinning Leo pick for his Number 5? Will it require a black board with diagrams to explain?

What about the artistically balanced Justin? Will his Number 4 make your head pop open? And of course the Sci Fi obsessive Ian, will his Number 3 make you want to throw yourself out an airlock? Well. Lets find out!

Incidental music “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” by Kevin McLeod of

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