Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Episode 4: Top 5 of the 70s Part One

We begin our odyssey through a crazy age of entertainment with an overview of the seventies. In Part One of this two part special Leo and Ian count down from five to three in their individual Top 5 films of the 70s selected arbitrarily according to their own tastes.

To inject a modicum of suspense and excitement the guys did not actually reveal their lists to one another ahead of time. Surprises all round then for you and them as they begin their cinematic odyssey.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/004The70sPtOne/004-The_70s-PtOne.mp3

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Episode 3: The Summer Of ?

For those tuning in expecting the 70s we are afraid they have been delayed a week. The reason being that, it being the latter end of May, with two massive summer releases already in the wind there could not be a better time to ask what the immediate future holds.

This summer is a strange one, for certain, we've already enjoyed Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness and it's not even June. There's still four months worth of stuff to come but what could possibly beat these mighty franchises into submission? Man of Steel? Pacific Rim? or something unexpected? Could our favourite movie of the summer season end up being an outlier? The Purge? or Riddick? (Leo is really, really a huge Riddick fan, time to get nervous).

Join the 80s Kids for a whirlwind of prejudice, anticipation, expectation and speculation after which the summer will never seem the same again.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/003TheSummerOfQueryMark/003-The-Summer-Of-Query-Mark.mp3

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Episode 2: In Which The Great Work Is Laid Out

In this episode we revive the phenomenometer which leads us into a discussion of topics as diverse as the passing of Ray Harryhausen, the revival of Dracula and The Crow (ill-advised? possibly) and the inevitable joy of Neil Gaiman thinking about cybermen. The main part of the show discusses our further ambitions for the format of the show with some exciting prospects of things to come.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/002InWhichTheGreatWorkIsLaidOut/002-In-Which-The-Great-Work-Is-Laid-Out.mp3

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Episode 1: Yay Or Nay And Tron

In this week's show we discuss: goings on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Klingons, Turtles and Blakes 7 before tucking into a hearty main course of Tron.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/001YayOrNayTron/001-YayOrNay-Tron.mp3