Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Episode 38: 1989 - Greg Evigan Vs Batman Vs Slipstream Vs Justin's Sanity Vs Shatner Vs God

This week our trio (+ wife) tackle the films of 1989. They brave serious threat to life and limb by gushing over James Cameron once again, fortunately this director has surely peaked with the 'Abyss' and so we confidently predict we won't have to prattle on endlessly about him in the 90s.

Oh wait…

Meanwhile Timothy Dalton seeks an unregulated killing in his final Bond film and Justin's head explodes with the inanity of 'Slipstream'. DC's 'Batman' spreads his dark rubbery wings and begins his cinematic crusade for justice while Marvel's 'Punisher' goes full Dolph Lundgren.

Sue again recalls fondly 89s timey wimey air disaster romance puzzle 'Millennium' while Ian sighs “BOHICA” as he tries to enjoy 'Star Trek V.' Leo then takes us on a whistle stop tour of 89's action movies before formally identifying the mutilated corpse of 'Erik the Viking'. These are the last films of the 80s and this is our survivor’s tale.

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