Friday, 17 July 2015

LIVE 80s Kids - One Time Only Offer!*

Hey Guys,

Here's the YouTube Window thingie for the 80s Kids Grand Finale. We'll attempt to keep an eye on chat and also the Q&A app during the show. We'll be aiming to start about 10:30AM BST (GMT +1) but as usual there may be technical hiccups etc. so bear with us.

Less than 24 hours to go!!!!

* Until next time.

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  1. You really missed out on 'Movie Ninjas in the Imaginarium'!! Wow, great archive, I had no idea it existed, I gave up checking after the first two years, figuring: They're guys, they clearly will never actually figure out how to make a page containing all the pods;-p

    Personally, I love evil twins (friendlier more popular of the two Justins), I wish most shows had them, def not a 'jumping the shark moment', but I also thought Fonzie was pretty cool when he leaped over Jaws - I enjoyed the Buffy debate; when they went to college & the with the Initiative, it became tres boring, and though my heart wants to say the true jump came with Dawn, which was beyond ridiculous and showed complete lack of respect for the audience and their loyalty (let alone intelligence), my head tells me that when Willow suddenly became gay plus a witch, expanding on her powers later to be like this head demoness of destruction, that was when it lost it bearings - It did rally at the end, when they bumped up Spike's screentime and brought back the humor and gave Spike & Buffy a romance that actually made you forget about Angel - Some awesome & creative eps as it was winding down - But the core of it, the Scooby Gang, changed so dramatically, their heart was gone - Willow had no charisma to begin with and she became incredibly cloying & annoying, the story not supposed to be about her and what spell-of-the-week she could whip up - It lost it's way, it was no longer about the slayer mythos and the good fun of staking and working together to solve the mystery, it became bogged down & dreary;-p

    Thanx for all the hard work and fun anecdotes, I wish you all homes sans Big Bay windows!!
    Nice sketch, Justin, though you're still wrong about Ben Affleck :D