Thursday, 19 February 2015

Episode 93: Soundtracks

So ... how did we come to discuss Soundtracks with the wrong Justin? Well, there is a saying in the Military: 'No plan survives it's first encounter with the enemy'.

The 80s Kids can now add to this wisdom with: "Don't make a recording schedule planning out the next six months worth of shows because it will fall to pieces and collapse into disorder at the first hurdle."

With Mr Wyatt suddenly away doing some artist thing the remaining 80's kids found their carefully laid plans thrown into chaos. In in times of crisis we did what any level headed set of individuals might do. ie: Blame the guy who's not there to defend himself, fire him and hire a new Justin.

And so into our Podcast comes Justin 2.0. Faster, leaner, deadlier and with a complimentary set of cup holders thrown in for free. We then plucked the topic of 'Soundtracks' out of thin air and mouthing off our ill researched thoughts into microphones we recorded this show.

So please, sit back and relax as we welcome Justin Park to the podcast as we ramble on in an incoherent train of thought about the musical bits in Films. They do their best to spice up viewer emotions or at very least give a handy hint about how the film makers would like them to be feeling. Incidental Music by the irreplaceable

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