Thursday, 29 January 2015

Episode 90: The 80s Kids ABC Of Movies - DEF

It's story time once more as the 80s kids return to their alphabet themed ascent through the films they just want to talk about some more. This week films beginning with D, E or F!

Leo's D is definitely something of a collection of films within his collection of films. Justin's D is quite honestly dreddful and deals with worthy social issues such as effective policing in built up innercity areas. Ian's D is the most horrific and depressing children's film ever made. Seriously Ann Frank is a mad cap comedy musical about hide and seek by comparison.

Leo's E is a riveting exploration of the politics of urban development after the ruling monarch makes an ass of himself. Justin's E is a traditional English fairy tale... so murder, rape, incest with almost everyone dying at the end is what we should expect! Ian's E is a charming story of friendship that forms between three boys after they decide to follow their dreams and aim for the skies.

Leo's F will have your eyes out on stalks! Well, one of your eyes out on a stalk anyway and not the either ones you expect! Justin's F features an FBI agent who's literally quite besides himself after a police hunt for a dangerous terrorist actually goes very well. And finally Ian's F will feature the post apocalyptic survivors of a polygon world trying to come to terms with the sudden arrival of a pretty CGI dragon! Incidental music by

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